Jeni’s Ice Cream

Yummy Delicious Goodness

Earlier this week, a quick errand turned into me craving something sweet, which is just bad news. I never really get cravings for sweets but all I could think about was the fact that I wanted ice cream. I even said to my friend Abby that I was just really needing it. Like immediately. Well Jesus really did it for me, because when we walked out of Lululemon, there was an ice cream shop right next door. I hadn’t been in the area before and hadn’t tried this ice cream shop yet so I was so excited, and my craving was going to be fulfilled (praise Jesus).

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Union Mark “EATS”

What to eat, what to drink, and other sweets

Union Market is actual heaven. It’s almost overwhelming when you first walk in, with all the food options and yummy treats. I’ve raved about it in my Union Market blog post, and think it’s just an awesome spot. I’ve had to tell myself on repeat to not eat with my eyes and take into account that I’m a rather petite human and two bites really does the trick. There are so many different options and choices to fit whatever mood you’re in. Not only are there lots of options, but they’re all actually really good. I get excited every time I go to Union Market because I get to try a new place each time, and it’s such a fun game to play, although I definitely need to go to the gym double time after each visit.

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