Snowy Great Falls Park

Florida Girl Meets Snow

Having lived in Florida for eight years prior to coming to school in D.C., I didn’t see much snow. In fact, winters are about 80 degrees and Christmas feels like summer… So I was definitely excited to finally see some nice white grounds. My mom and I decided we wanted to get out a bit and do something we wouldn’t normally do (avoid unintentionally spending way too much money), so I looked up some national parks near us and came across Great Falls. With traffic, our drive was a bit longer than we wanted, but on a good day it should’ve only taken us about an hour and a couple minutes to get there. While the drive took more time than we expected, the surrounding areas were beautiful and we got to see the rain slowly turn into snow which had both of us all amped up! However, we didn’t really have many warm clothing options (thanks FL) to really set us up for success on a whole hiking expedition, so sadly I didn’t get to see as much of the park as I wanted to.

Mom and I stayed near the car because we were a little nervous as the weather wasn’t awesome for heavy exploring and there was literally nobody at the park, but even just the spot where we were was so incredibly beautiful. The trees and rocks and canal that runs through the park look like a painting, and with the snowy white weather it was absolutely gorgeous.

Doing this was one of my goals for the coming year, which I’ll talk more about in my next post, and although it wasn’t *quite* as adventurous as I’d hoped for, it sparked a new little love for being outdoors inside me. I’ll definitely be going back to Great Falls again and will be back with new photos and more exciting experiences!!!


9200 Old Dominion Dr. McLean, VA 22102


PARK open everyday 7:00 AM – Sunset

VISITOR CENTER open everyday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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