Jeni’s Ice Cream

Yummy Delicious Goodness

Earlier this week, a quick errand turned into me craving something sweet, which is just bad news. I never really get cravings for sweets but all I could think about was the fact that I wanted ice cream. I even said to my friend Abby that I was just really needing it. Like immediately. Well Jesus really did it for me, because when we walked out of Lululemon, there was an ice cream shop right next door. I hadn’t been in the area before and hadn’t tried this ice cream shop yet so I was so excited, and my craving was going to be fulfilled (praise Jesus).

Salty Caramel Ice Cream

I was so overwhelmed when I stepped into Jeni’s Ice Creams. The smell. Incredible. The list of flavors. To die for. I was instantly in heaven. Jeni’s really has so many interesting and out of the box flavor ideas so I knew I was going to want to try some. I ended up testing the Middle West Whiskey & Pecans and the Salty Caramel, which is what I ended up getting. The Middle West really had quite the tinge of whiskey in it and that with the ice cream flavor and the texture of the pecans was so so good. It was a struggle trying to choose which one I wanted, but I am a huge caramel girl, so I had to get the Salty Caramel. And my goodness I enjoyed every single bite of it.

The employees were so sweet and welcoming and they were so happy. They were more than willing to be patient with people trying a bunch of flavors and they seemed to be enjoying their time, which as we all know, makes that much more enjoyable for us as the customers. The store itself is so cute and aesthetically pleasing, which we all know I love, and the vibes are pretty calm which is nice.

Getting there is pretty simple, and it’s in an area that is so cute and fun to walk around. We took the metro to U Street / African-American Civil War Memorial / Cordozo on the green line. From the metro station it’s only about a five minute walk from there, and there’s so much to see walking around. Definitely go grab a bite from here and check out the surrounding area!


1925 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 621-8625

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