Dinner in Dupont

Bringing Back the Argyle

I am back!! Thanksgiving break is over, although I really wish it wasn’t, but I am back and ready to dish out some new content. Thanksgiving was a nice but a bit of a tease, so I decided to carry on the relaxing vibes and go on a little dinner date with my roomie, Ashley. In the midst of six essays, trying to get ready to study for finals, and trying my very hardest to be motivated when I’m really very checked out, we went over to Dupont Circle and grabbed some dinner. Mexican (at Alero) and some chips and queso was definitely the right move, and we decided to make it a whole affair and get a little dressed up.

I was beyond excited to whip out this outfit because I had gotten it all super recently and they are definitely a few of my new favorite pieces. The first thing I’d like to address is this beanie. THIS. BEANIE. I can’t begin to describe the love I have for it. I got it from Anthropologie on Black Friday and it is truly the cutest thing ever. These beanies are so fun because you can pick a base color for the actual beanie, then you can attach different colored pom poms to the top. Basically you can mix and match different colors and styles, and you can brows the site or in stores for all the options. I ended up getting the black base and black pom and then a cream/grey base and a cream fluffy pom with dark tips. By far one of my favorite purchases and goodbye to my money because these beanies have my whole heart.

My next favorite piece is this sweater. The only time I think I have ever owned anything argyle was when I was five and my mom got me argyle tights. Thank you mom, but no thank you, I love you. It can be a little overwhelming of a print sometimes, but H&M really knocked it out of the park with this. They’re little argyle collection is actually to die for and I finally decided to give in and get this sweater. I layered in just with a little white long sleeve tee underneath (to protect the sweater from all the sweat my pits produce. No shame at all it happens), and I was actually comfortable wearing just this. I brought my big coat with me (check out my post about my big ol’ coat), but ended up not even really needing it. It was about 40°, felt like 35°, and maybe I’m just psycho for not thinking that was cold, but this sweater is super thick and super warm so we’ll give the credit to the sweater. Basically, 10/10 highly recommend this sweater, go get it you’ll love it.

Alright now let’s hype up the jeans. I’ve talked before about what a literal pain in the butt it is in one of my earlier posts, but essentially pants just never fit me. Like ever. However, J Crew really did it for me with these jeans. Another Black Friday buy and a great deal, and I have thank goodness found one more pair of jeans that fit me. I really love these because they are comfortable, high waisted, have a great wash, no rips (for a bit nicer and classier look), but are still a little fun with the lightly frayed ankle. I don’t know much else to say other than I’m obsessed. And they make your butt look super cute. Necessities.

Then, all the way down to my feet onto the shoes. I actually bought these little black booties a few years back from Marshalls originally. We all love a bargain, and these are my go to black booties and what do ya know, got em for super cheap. They’ve proven to be surprisingly comfortable and very walkable and wearable, but I cannot find the exact pair online anymore. There are obviously a few other brands that have them, so I’ll be linking some of those below.

Match My Fit


Pick-A-Pom Black Beanie Base

Pick-A-Pom Beanie Topper


H&M Argyle Sweater

H&M Argyle Sweater with Neon Green


J Crew High Waisted Skinny

Express High Waisted Skinny

Lulu’s High Waisted Skinny


Steve Madden Black Suede Booties

ASOS Black Suede Booties

DSW Marc Fisher Black Suede Booties

Chinese Laundry Black Suede Booties

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