Coffee and Cats

My New Found Love

I am definitely a dog girl. My family has never really owned a cat and we have a sweet sweet angel puppy right now, and honestly, cats are kind of mean sometimes. However, even though I’ve never had a cat, some of my friends do and I love them all. When I found out about the Crumbs and Whiskers cat cafe I knew I had to go. Crumbs and Whiskers is a place that takes in rescue cats, gives them a new home, and gives them a very good opportunity to be adopted. The cats are fed and taken care of at the cat cafe and they definitely get lots of good love and snuggles. I think that this is such an awesome concept. The environment that the cats are put in is great because it really allows the cats to become comfortable with humans and other cats as well as allowing them to really roam free in a safe way. All of the cats are up for adoption, and let me tell you, you will want to adopt by the time you leave.

The staff here was absolutely incredible. They were all so so welcoming and sweet and made us feel extremely comfortable. They helped let us know the rules that they do have and gave us the ins and outs to get the best experience out of our time. We even got to see them feed the cats, which was so stinkin’ cute. All the cats swarmed downstairs to eat and we even witnessed a couple small cat fights *cue a feisty rreow*.

The cafe itself is so cute. It is located right near Georgetown and is accessible by Uber, of course, and by metro as well. The colors and aesthetic of the cafe are awesome and it is a super comfortable place to lay around, hang out, and cuddle and play with some kitties. They have toys all around and a lot of the cats, of course, are very willing to play with you. Every cat has a collar; pink for females, grey for males, and a checkered collar for the cats that prefer toys over hands. While you play around with the cats, you can also enjoy a real good cup of coffee and a variety of treats. I ended up ordering a cappuccino (my personal favorite and the best go-to coffee), and my friend Ashley got the english breakfast tea and a little jar of vegan cookie dough.

Now for the nitty gritty. The cat cafe experience I believe is very reasonably priced. It is $22 per person for a 70 minute slot, and then the added food and drink prices on top of that. The money that you pay to go experience all the love of the kitties helps contribute to the care of the rescue cats and the cat cafe. There are also other experiences you can have at Crumbs and Whiskers. For example, on Sundays they have cat yoga! I’ve really got to find a Sunday to do that because I’m sure it would be so so fun. Their website has all the information you could need to know about their mission and what they’re about, and I highly recommend looking into it and going to see all the sweet sweet kitties!

Now… Enjoy some photos of a few of the cats I got to hand out with!

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