Moving On the Metro

It’s Easy To Use

Taking the metro is really the easiest way to get around D.C. Not only this, but it’s also one of the cheapest ways. There’s no need to worry about traffic or expensive Uber fares. Also, the D.C. Metro is incredibly safe, convenient, and clean. When I first came to D.C. I was a little hesitant to use the metro and all the money I’d spent on Ubers began to add up, so I finally decided to try the metro system out. I was originally nervous that using the metro was going to be super confusing, but it’s so simple and there are a couple different apps available that help out.

Paying for the Metro

In order to ride the metro, you’ll need to purchase a metro card. Once you go down into the metro area, there are usually machines right off the escalators. From here, all you really need to do is follow the directions on those machines and the screens to purchase a new metro card. The metro cards cost $10 initially. This $10 gives you the $2 fee for the card and an automatic $8 balance to start your metro exploring. Once you have your metro card you can refill them as many times as you would like, although a little takes you a long way, literally. It is a super affordable way to get around and has helped me get places efficiently and it has protected my wallet.

Reading the Metro Map

Once you get the hang of it, reading the metro map is super simple and will be the only thing you need to know to travel on the metro. D.C. has red, blue, silver, orange, green, and yellow lines. These different colored lines take you to different stops and areas of D.C. and surrounding areas. I travel mainly on the red line, because my nearest metro stop is on the red line, so I need to switch lines for some of the places I travel to. In order to switch lines, you can look at the metro map and see at which stops the line switches take place. You can switch to orange, blue, and silver lines at one metro stop. The red line runs on its own, and then the switch to yellow and green lines are at a different stop. Understanding these basics of the metro are all you really need, and from here you can use the map to see where different metro stops are. As for finding where the nearest stop is in relation to the location or place you want to go, I just use google and search “metro stop near…” and I always get the answer.

Metro Apps

Probably the most commonly used metro app is DC Metro and Bus. It gives Metro Rail and Bus predictions and an it can use your location to find the nearest stop to you. It is a totally free app and is super helpful. Having used the metro a good amount, I personally only need a metro map to find out which direction I need to go to and if I need to switch lines. I downloaded the mapway Washington DC Metro app and I really like the map that is on that app. It’s the map that I use to travel on the metro and I find it super simple to read and understand.

Roam Freely!

So, now that I’ve given you the information and the basics to get started, have at it! Ride the metro, save some money, save some time, save yourself from some stressful and annoying traffic, and most importantly contribute to saving the earth a bit! The metro is the best way to experience D.C., and offers for some cute pictures along the way.

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