It’s Getting Colder!

Time to Whip Out the Coats

The temperature is dropping and I am beyond excited about it. Not only do I love me some winter clothes, but I also love Christmas and oh my goodness we’re getting close! The cold weather always puts me in the Christmas mood, and yes I may be crazy because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and yes I am definitely listening to Christmas music already, and YES I am DEFINITELY already watching some Christmas movies, but no judgement it’s the most wonderful time of the year ;). Now, this is all awesome and everything, but I wasn’t prepared for the temperature to drop at all. I see 35° and for some reason think it won’t be that bad, then I realize it actually feels like 27°… and then it kicks my butt. I’ve mentioned that I lived in Florida before this, so you can imagine, I really have no warm clothes. I haven’t even owned an actual coat AT ALL in my teenage years. So I decided it was time to make that happen.

I knew going into this hunt that it was going to hurt the wallet a little, and I am definitely a bargain gal when it comes to clothes, so I did some major mental preparation before this. I looked online for about two weeks checking all my options, trying very hard to find a decently cheap coat… But me being the girl I am, I have expensive taste, and somehow ended up browsing Aritzia. I’ve finally gotten to the point in my fashion journey where buying timeless pieces is one of my top priorities. With this, I believe that timeless pieces can be an acceptable splurge if you are able to afford it and find the purchase to be practical. In my case, now that I get some actual cold weather and am near places I can visit that are also cold, splurging on a good coat seemed acceptable.

This coat is basically my entire Christmas gift, which I am perfectly okay with because I am obsessed. It totaled a whopping $400, BUT it’s filled with goose down, the outside is waterproof, and when you put it on it feels like you are wrapped in a blanket. It’s incredible. There are also wool-blend cuffs that stay nice and tight on your wrist so no cold air sneaks up into the sleeves. Of course there’s also the FUR HOOD. I love a good fur detail on a coat, it’s just what you need to spice it up a bit while still keeping it classy and minimal. I found this coat in particular to be very me and very fitting of my personality. The attention to detail with this coat is really nice, which of course should be expected when paying this price.

Sizing wise, I am very glad I went in store to try it on. They have a location in Georgetown which is the one I went to. Going in to try it on, I was expecting to be comfortable in a medium factoring in that I will probably be layering underneath. I usually would wear a small in tops and jackets, so medium seemed to be a good size for the coat. However, I ended up needing the large. I do have very broad shoulders which was probably why I needed to size up as much as I did, but I definitely found even the medium to be very tight in my shoulder area. But basically, if you need a coat and are capable of splurging a bit, any of the coats from Aritzia are definitely worth the buy.

ZARA dress

ZARA has always been one of my go to spots for fashion, along with H&M. This dress from ZARA is so awesome. The sleeves are cuffed and have such a cute balloon sleeve effect. I love the fact that it has long sleeves because so many of my dresses don’t and this is such a cute one. This along with the shape of the dress and the matching belt make for such a flattering fit. The pattern is so fall, and the length is just playful enough to keep it youthful and fun but also conservative and mature. I was pretty comfortable in this outfit even though the dress is shorter, and it’s definitely that coat that kept me warm ;).

I was so confident and comfortable in this look and these pieces are for sure some of my absolute favorites!

Match My Fit


Aritzia Babaton St. Moritz Parka

Nordstrom Fur Trim Coat

Nordstrom Cole Haan Coat

Nordstrom Top Shop Coat


ZARA Plaid Dress

Target Long Sleeve Black Plaid Dress

Revolve Shae Dress


Kate Spade Brown Bucket Bag on Nordstrom

Kate Spade Bucket Bag in Black

ASOS Suede Bucket Bag

Nordstrom Brown Bucket Bag


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