Daytime Monumenting

An Afternoon of Monumenting

Living in D.C. is such a new and exciting thing. The mixture of fresh, new vibes and the rich history has been so intriguing to me, and it’s something I really love. Another awesome thing is that all of the main monuments are within a pretty close distance of each other, so you can comfortably knock out a little monument tour without taking up your whole day. I do highly recommend taking the metro or uber / lyft just because it is super difficult to find parking in this area. I personally opt for the metro. It is a bit of a walk from the nearest metro stops to the Lincoln Memorial, but it if you find a bit of walking to be peaceful like I do, then I definitely recommend it.

This was my view from the steps on my little day of monumenting. I had an appointment and had taken the metro, and decided super last minute that I wanted to spend the rest of my day walking around and taking in all the monuments. So, I hopped off at metro center to get on the Silver/Blue/Orange line and took the metro to Foggy Bottom. Foggy Bottom and the Smithsonian stop are the two closest stops to the Lincoln Memorial, and each are about a one mile walk away (check out the metro map at the bottom of this post). I popped my headphones in, turned on some feel good music, and walked over to the Lincoln Memorial and sat on the steps for a while. The weather was a chilly and sunny and it felt heavenly. I really chose the perfect day to do this.

Lincoln Memorial

I was able to sit and take in my surroundings, think a little, reflect a little, and have some quiet time to myself. It was exactly what I needed and it was such a nice and peaceful day. After sitting on the steps for about a half an hour, I decided to start walking to the Washington Monument. From here, I was going to keep going to the Capitol, but I was getting a little thirsty, so I walked to a Starbucks on Pennsylvania Ave NW by the U.S. Navy Memorial. I sat and drank my venti iced chai tea latte with almond milk, and then decided it was time to head back. Luckily, the Archives-Navy Mem’l-Penn Quarter Station was right across the street, so I hopped back on the metro and made my way back to my dorm.

Checking out the monuments is definitely something you have to do if you come to D.C. Even living here now, I think it’s so nice to just walk around and enjoy having the history all around me. Not only are the monuments awesome to visit, but there are also so many museums right by them to keep your mind active and to learn a little bit more.

Metro Map

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