Cafe Berlin on Capitol Hill

Getting Back to My German Roots

This stop was a very last minute and very surprising one for me. Cafe Berlin wasn’t on my radar initially, but I’m so glad I came across it. I have quite a bit of German in me coming from my mom’s side, and a lot of her family lives in Germany. We visit as often as we can, and when we’re there we are SPOILED with all the yummy food and drinks we get. I mean I dream about the food regularly. So, my mom was visiting from Florida for the week and we were craving some good German food. I hopped on google and searched “German restaurants near me”, and Cafe Berlin was the first option.

We were having a mellow day and didn’t want too much noise, and popped in around lunch time and it was quiet so it was a super pleasant and enjoyable meal. Seeing the servers in dirndls, a traditional female dress, brought us back to our Germany trips and made us smile. The real test, of course, was the food. Having had our fair share of experiences with German cuisine, our expectations are always going to be high.

Bretzel Platter

We started out with the Bretzel platter, which had two warm, soft pretzels with different mustards and the option of adding bier cheese. The pretzels were incredible. They tore easily and the warmth of it was so so good. The more traditional mustard (yellow mustard in the top left of the trio) is always a winner for me. I thought I would’ve stuck mainly with that one, but the sweeter one (bottom of the trio) is a new addiction for me. Compared to a classic pretzel and mustard combo straight from Germany, this was pretty dang good.

Wiener Schnitzel

For our entrĂ©e, both my mom and I got Wiener Schnitzel. This is always the main test of some good, authentic, German food, so of course we had to try it. And wow. Wow. It was SO good. Getting the thin fried layer over top can be difficult to get right. We find that it’s usually to thick and too heavy, making it kind of difficult and almost unenjoyable to eat. Cafe Berlin’s Wiener Schnitzel was incredible, though. It was a thin, light layer and the size was super generous, which had me all heart eyes when the plate was set in front of me. It also came with potatoes, which were kind of lemony and super yummy as well.

And of course, we had to get dessert and a cup of coffee, me being the coffee addict I am. I decided to order the vanilla and chocolate cheesecake. I’m definitely more of a vanilla rather than chocolate girl, so I always worry about chocolatey flavors overpowering. The chocolate, vanilla, and cheesecake flavors all balanced each other out so well, and oh boy did I eat it quick. The cake itself was super soft, with the crispy almost cookie like chocolate outer crust and those mixes of texture were really interesting together and super good.

I was super impressed by Cafe Berlin, and definitely will be going back to eat there soon. On a sunny, breezy, cool day, sitting out on the patio sipping on a cappuccino and enjoying some good food it would be a dream. I also have yet to experience any Oktoberfest festivities there, but I’d love to throw on my dirndl and go celebrate next year!

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