Union Mark “EATS”

What to eat, what to drink, and other sweets

Union Market is actual heaven. It’s almost overwhelming when you first walk in, with all the food options and yummy treats. I’ve raved about it in my Union Market blog post, and think it’s just an awesome spot. I’ve had to tell myself on repeat to not eat with my eyes and take into account that I’m a rather petite human and two bites really does the trick. There are so many different options and choices to fit whatever mood you’re in. Not only are there lots of options, but they’re all actually really good. I get excited every time I go to Union Market because I get to try a new place each time, and it’s such a fun game to play, although I definitely need to go to the gym double time after each visit.

French Ham & Brie Crêpe from Petite Loulou Crêperie
Check out this look here!

Arepa Zone

the first place I tried when I went to Union Market was Arepa Zone. I was super excited when I saw they had arepas. My dad is Venezuelan, and I’ve grown up eating them. They weren’t too popular or well known before, but I’ve been seeing more places pop up, so I love comparing them all. My mom knows how to make them and I don’t think any arepas could ever match hers, but these came pretty close. I will say, Arepa Zone’s menu is very good. They have options to suit everyone, which while I don’t have any certain food restrictions, I have lots of friends who do, and I think is a great quality for an eatery to have.

Arepas are a dough made out of cornmeal (ground maize dough, usually the brand P.A.N. works magic), stuffed with loads of different things. My personal favorite is Arepa Zone’s Sifrina arepa. It has chicken salad, avocado, and shredded cheddar cheese. If the added cheese on top doesn’t sound too good for you, there is also the option of the Reina Pepiada, which has all the same stuff, minus the cheese. I’ve gotten the Sifrina twice now, and it was pretty impressive, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy eating it.

They also have Tequeños, which I was way too amped up about when I saw them on the menu. They definitely didn’t disappoint either. They are pure warm, crunchy, cheesy goodness, and they are heavenly. The last thing I ended up getting and sharing with my friend was the Tres Leches cake. I was actually really surprised by it, and I enjoyed every second of eating it. Sooo, overall, go eat at Arepa Zone. Your tastebuds will enjoy it, and your stomach will love you.

Petite Loulou Crêperie

My most recent trip to Union Market, I decided to go for the crêpes. I hadn’t had one in a while and the menu looked super good. The one that caught my eye was the French Brie and Ham one in the picture above. Brie and ham is just about my favorite combo, so when I saw I could get it in a CRȆPE. You’re kidding me. I almost cried from joy. So I ordered it, of course, and holy wow. Incredible. Everything was the perfect combination and amount and nothing was too overwhelming which was great. It’s been tempting me to go back, and I just might have to soon.

Cinnamon French Toast Crêpe

Of course, here I go again, eating with my eyes and not thinking anything through. I saw Cinnamon French Toast on the menu and looked at the lady and said “Ahhhhh, you know what, add on that cinnamon french toast, let’s go crazy”. No guilt ya know? I mean after all, I’m doing this for y’all right? In hindsight, probably went a little overboard, but I mean no regrets. Plus, this crêpe was pretty dang good. I’m not a huge fan of too much sweetness, which this didn’t have, and I really liked that. The crêpe sort of balanced out the cinnamony syrupy goodness, but there were some parts where it was like I was biting into only the crepe and nothing else. Of course, maybe I’m being too picky, but overall I highly recommend checking out all the different sweet and savory crêpes they have!

Peregrine Espresso

Alright. Anyone that knows me knows I am a coffee addict. As in, I have a problem and I drink on average 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I love to find and try out new coffee spots, so of course when I saw Peregrine Espresso in Union Market I dragged my dad over with me (he’s my at home barista and my fellow coffee connoisseur), and I grabbed a cappuccino. Peregrine does microbrew, which I hadn’t even known about until I tried their coffee, but dang was it good. Their coffee is super good, and they also have little bites to eat.

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