Union Market Fit

The Seasons are changing, bring on the layers!

Having lived in Florida for the past 8 years, I haven’t been able to experience many weather changes. Now that I’m in D.C., I’m finally getting a taste of that again. I got excited when the temperature started dropping, and you can only imagine the feeling of finally busting out a sweater from my closet. I don’t have many winter clothes, so I’ve had an excuse to shop lately (no complaints at all I’m LOVING IT), and this outfit was a little out of the box for me but it was so fun to wear.

So, if you’re like me and either have no clue what the cold is like or have a very vague memory of it, here’s an idea of what early October in D.C. feels like. This day it was around 65° with a slight breeze, making the cheetah coat iffy but acceptable and fashionably necessary. I honestly would’ve been okay with just the sweater, but every once in a while when a breeze hit, the coat was a good pick.

When I saw the cheetah coat I was instantly obsessed. I’d found it on Luca & Grae and while it was very out of the ordinary for me to like something like this, I knew I needed it. I didn’t quite know what I would wear with it, then I saw this yellow/mustardy sweater on the site and bam I had a whole outfit. Pair these with a pair of black jeans, a simple and cute little belt, and some cute booties for the fall, you’ll definitely have heads turning. Going back on Luca & Grae to find the sweater and coat again, it was no longer on the site, but I found some alternatives that are equally as cute as well as pretty affordable.

I always get a little nervous once the weather cools down because I’m really not a lover of pants. During the summer and spring I live in skirts and dresses. This may partially be because my body just really isn’t a fan of pants, but I do also love a cute, girly, spring look. A blessing and a curse, my waist is teeny tiny, and below that is not very teeny tiny. While this is great, its a pain in the butt, quite literally. These Madewell jeans have proven to be my holy grail and they are INCREDIBLE. They’re stretchy and fit like a glove, and the high waist fits my waist flawlessly. Not only this, but they also make you look skinny mini, which we all love. Also, the skinny ankle squeezes into a pair of sock booties so well.

Match my Fit


Luca & Grae Let You In Leopard Coat

Yellow/Mustard Sweaters:

Chunky Rib Knit Sweater

Ruffle Sweater

Knitted Yellow Sweater


Madewell High Rise

Old Navy High Rise

J Crew High Rise

H&M High Rise


J Crew Belt

H&M Belt


F21 Sock Booties

F21 Suede Ankle Booties

Steve Madden Sock Booties


Kate Spade Margaux

Kate Spade Molly

Affordable Work Tote

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