Welcome to the Club!

Hey travel, fashion, and food lovers! This is your one stop shop to all things Washington, D.C. My name is Josephine Morrill, and I actually just moved here a couple months ago. I’m originally from Florida, but am enrolled at The Catholic University of America. Coming to D.C. has been the most exciting, amazing, and life changing experience of my life. Everyday is just as exhilarating as the last, and I hope to be able to share that energy with all of you!

Visiting D.C. can be so overwhelming, especially in a short time frame. I definitely felt this when I visited for the first time. I’m an instagram lover, I love fashion, I love food, I love travel, and I always love a good photo op. Sometimes, you can’t fit all these aspects into a short trip to an unknown place. My goal is to make this possible for you all. As I continue to navigate and discover new spots deep in the city, I’m going to take you along with me! This is your spot to easily discover “instagrammable D.C.”!

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