A Quick Escape to Union Market

Why’s It All the Rage?

Union Market was the first special little place I discovered when I came here, and I fell in love instantly. I love aesthetically pleasing vibes and a place to catch a good photo op, and that’s definitely what you get coming here. It’s a relatively new spot and it’s constantly booming, and the area all around is equally as awesome. This is the perfect place to visit, hang out, eat, drink, play some games, and just enjoy yourself. Lucky for me it’s only a couple metro stops away, so it’s super easy for me to go and grab a bite to eat and take a break.

Buffalo & Bergen located in the Market

There is so much to do in the Market itself. They host events quite often, which I am looking forward to checking out more in the future. So if you’re visiting DC and are looking for an activity a little off the beaten path, check out their calendar to see if anything is going on during your stay! On a regular day, however, you can shop in the market, grab a bite to eat, and even get a little competitive and play ping pong on the ping pong tables located right outside the market.

Salt & Sundry in the Market

In the market area, there are also extra restaurants and little shops, so I found it to be super fun to even just walk down the street and do some window shopping. I definitely am going to continue going back to the Union Market area and keep exploring. With my limited time with school as well as playing volleyball, I wasn’t able to really go through the market in depth the way I would really like to. However, living so close by will allow me to keep discovering more about the Union Market area.

Where to Find Union Market

Address :

1309 5th St NE
Washington, DC 20002

How to get there :

Obviously you can drive as well as call an Uber or Lyft, but there is also the option of the metro. Union Market is accessible by taking the Red Line on the metro to the NOMA-Gallaudet U stop. From there you’ll take a right onto Florida Ave NE, then take a left on 5th street NE. From here, you’ll see the market on your left. It is about a 10 minute, .5 mile, walk from the metro to Union Market.

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