Harpers Ferry Hike

How To Have A Good Day

One thing I’ve learned recently in my life, and especially during these past few months, is how important the start of your day is. How you start your day sets the tone for how you will feel the rest of the day. Lately I have been trying to put an emphasis on starting my day right and beginning with things that make me feel good and make me happy. This usually consists of a cup or coffee (or three), a good breakfast, a clean face, and some sort of productive task. This past weekend, I chose to start my day with a little bit of exercise. My boyfriend and I got up nice and early, drove an hour and a half, and took a hike up a mountain. This may seem like a horrible idea to some people, but I swear it’s so rewarding and so worth it.

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Faidley Seafood (Best. Crab Cakes. Ever.)

Definitely Not Feeling Crabby

One of my favorite places to go since moving to D.C. is Baltimore. My boyfriend and I went one weekend before Christmas and fell in love. There is so much to do and see, and so much good food. We are both huge foodies, but he’s into all of the cooking channels and was the one to find Faidley Seafood through food network! So the last weekend we went to Baltimore we of course had to stop in and see what all the fuss was about. I’m not a huge crab cake gal, so I was a little unsure about trying it, but I’m so freakin glad I did.

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New Year, New Goals!

How I’m Making a Change in 2020

Last year, I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned about dietary needs for my body, new interests, and personal needs. This year, having found the things I really need to do to be entirely healthy, my goal is to be consistent in my personal goals and needs. I am very much at a point in my life where I want to do everything that makes me happy, makes me feel good, and is best for my health. So, this year is going to be the year of doing what is good for me.

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Snowy Great Falls Park

Florida Girl Meets Snow

Having lived in Florida for eight years prior to coming to school in D.C., I didn’t see much snow. In fact, winters are about 80 degrees and Christmas feels like summer… So I was definitely excited to finally see some nice white grounds. My mom and I decided we wanted to get out a bit and do something we wouldn’t normally do (avoid unintentionally spending way too much money), so I looked up some national parks near us and came across Great Falls. With traffic, our drive was a bit longer than we wanted, but on a good day it should’ve only taken us about an hour and a couple minutes to get there. While the drive took more time than we expected, the surrounding areas were beautiful and we got to see the rain slowly turn into snow which had both of us all amped up! However, we didn’t really have many warm clothing options (thanks FL) to really set us up for success on a whole hiking expedition, so sadly I didn’t get to see as much of the park as I wanted to.

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Jeni’s Ice Cream

Yummy Delicious Goodness

Earlier this week, a quick errand turned into me craving something sweet, which is just bad news. I never really get cravings for sweets but all I could think about was the fact that I wanted ice cream. I even said to my friend Abby that I was just really needing it. Like immediately. Well Jesus really did it for me, because when we walked out of Lululemon, there was an ice cream shop right next door. I hadn’t been in the area before and hadn’t tried this ice cream shop yet so I was so excited, and my craving was going to be fulfilled (praise Jesus).

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Dinner in Dupont

Bringing Back the Argyle

I am back!! Thanksgiving break is over, although I really wish it wasn’t, but I am back and ready to dish out some new content. Thanksgiving was a nice but a bit of a tease, so I decided to carry on the relaxing vibes and go on a little dinner date with my roomie, Ashley. In the midst of six essays, trying to get ready to study for finals, and trying my very hardest to be motivated when I’m really very checked out, we went over to Dupont Circle and grabbed some dinner. Mexican (at Alero) and some chips and queso was definitely the right move, and we decided to make it a whole affair and get a little dressed up.

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Coffee and Cats

My New Found Love

I am definitely a dog girl. My family has never really owned a cat and we have a sweet sweet angel puppy right now, and honestly, cats are kind of mean sometimes. However, even though I’ve never had a cat, some of my friends do and I love them all. When I found out about the Crumbs and Whiskers cat cafe I knew I had to go. Crumbs and Whiskers is a place that takes in rescue cats, gives them a new home, and gives them a very good opportunity to be adopted. The cats are fed and taken care of at the cat cafe and they definitely get lots of good love and snuggles. I think that this is such an awesome concept. The environment that the cats are put in is great because it really allows the cats to become comfortable with humans and other cats as well as allowing them to really roam free in a safe way. All of the cats are up for adoption, and let me tell you, you will want to adopt by the time you leave.

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Moving On the Metro

It’s Easy To Use

Taking the metro is really the easiest way to get around D.C. Not only this, but it’s also one of the cheapest ways. There’s no need to worry about traffic or expensive Uber fares. Also, the D.C. Metro is incredibly safe, convenient, and clean. When I first came to D.C. I was a little hesitant to use the metro and all the money I’d spent on Ubers began to add up, so I finally decided to try the metro system out. I was originally nervous that using the metro was going to be super confusing, but it’s so simple and there are a couple different apps available that help out.

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It’s Getting Colder!

Time to Whip Out the Coats

The temperature is dropping and I am beyond excited about it. Not only do I love me some winter clothes, but I also love Christmas and oh my goodness we’re getting close! The cold weather always puts me in the Christmas mood, and yes I may be crazy because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and yes I am definitely listening to Christmas music already, and YES I am DEFINITELY already watching some Christmas movies, but no judgement it’s the most wonderful time of the year ;). Now, this is all awesome and everything, but I wasn’t prepared for the temperature to drop at all. I see 35° and for some reason think it won’t be that bad, then I realize it actually feels like 27°… and then it kicks my butt. I’ve mentioned that I lived in Florida before this, so you can imagine, I really have no warm clothes. I haven’t even owned an actual coat AT ALL in my teenage years. So I decided it was time to make that happen.

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Daytime Monumenting

An Afternoon of Monumenting

Living in D.C. is such a new and exciting thing. The mixture of fresh, new vibes and the rich history has been so intriguing to me, and it’s something I really love. Another awesome thing is that all of the main monuments are within a pretty close distance of each other, so you can comfortably knock out a little monument tour without taking up your whole day. I do highly recommend taking the metro or uber / lyft just because it is super difficult to find parking in this area. I personally opt for the metro. It is a bit of a walk from the nearest metro stops to the Lincoln Memorial, but it if you find a bit of walking to be peaceful like I do, then I definitely recommend it.

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